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શ્રી ગણેશાય નમઃ

શ્રી ગણેશાય નમઃ

Santvani MP3 - Privacy Policy

Permissions: -

Santvani MP3 requires following permissions,

1) Internet - To use internet for calling various services.
2) Write / Read External Storage - To download the file and save to external storage.
3) Read Phone State - To stop playing music or start playing when dealing with phone calls.
4) Access Wi-Fi / Network state - To check if the app connected to internet for calling a service or to stream an mp3.

Privacy Policy: -

Our customers if they choose to, can provide valuable feedback using the feedback section,
Their information is never stored anywhere.

Copyright Policy:
All the content provided in the Santvani MP3 Application is sung by the folk singers of Gujarat. And, all of the content here is recorded in live programs with audience.

All of the content published here is published after the permission of the respected artists. We have obtained the rights to put all the content from the respective artists.

The Songs (Content) published here is recorded by the “Santvani Studio”. The songs are recorded live with an MP4 Voice Recorder and is then published to this application.

According to Media Copyrights Law of Gujarat State, When an artist performs live in public performances the recording party has the consent and the right to the recorded material. 

By this law, we “Santvani MP3” have all the rights to this published content.

In case, anyone has any queries regarding this, please contact

Thank You,
Santvani MP3
BhajanDham Team 

Bhajan santvani Media Group Registration certificate & Authorized Certificates

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